Mind map App (mobile & desktop)

Our goal is two-sided. We want to improve the world, and we want to improve the lives of our individual members. We believe these two sides go hand-in-hand. To improve the world, we must begin with ourselves, as individuals. WeFuture.Us will seek to empower individual members to improve their own lives, by providing them with tools and resources for doing so. The mind map app and templates are some of those resources.

If you aren't familiar with mind maps, check out Mindly. A good mind map app has the ability to not only provide an external source of organization and focus, but to train a person to think in more focused, structured manner. For people who are motivated to improve the world, this is an incredibly powerful tool to help them transform good intentions into effective action.

The mind map platform will also give people the ability to create and share their own templates, allowing the community and its individual members to evolve symbiotically with the application.

For more information, go to http://wefuture.us/tools/